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You can get the best traveling solutions by us along with a single knock. Being a big name in the global tourism market, we provide a wide range of travel services with ideal comforts and competitive rates. 

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Our traveling services include economical flights in the best airlines of the world, transportation in your destination country/place, accommodation in luxurious hotels, special holidays and honeymoon packages and many more relevant to travel. Don’t wait longer and come to us to plan your next trip and enjoy it. Established in 2019, Al-Aasia Musta Tourism is one of Pakistan’s leading independent travel agencies. Our regular and honorable customers believe us as the best travel agency in Lahore Pakistan.

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Al Aasia Musa tourism is dedicated to providing its customers’ best-travelling facilities, fastest visa processing, cheap air tickets, quick flight reservation, luxurious accommodation and a wide range of transportation throughout the trip. We give the same importance, attention, and care to your every trip for making you very happy as we did in your past trips. This is why; we have an almost 85% bouncing back rate that makes us not only happy but completely satisfied and we do more hardworking to increase the bounce-back rate of our honourable customers throughout Pakistan.

This has been a typical task for Pakistanis to get the best international travel packages and special offers to visit the world. Today, most people search for the Best Travel Agency in Pakistan and they give importance to economical travelling services. Most of our customers fly from Pakistan.

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Al Aasia Musa Tourism have lots of travel agents throughout the country to help traveler all around Pakistan. You can also make us a direct visit to our office in Lahore and get the best guidelines about your travelling needs.

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We are a team of enthusiastic young professionals who understand the ethos of tourism trade and ready to render high quality services


Our personalized tour plans are designed for relaxation, to rejuvenate your energy and to send your precious time

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We are professionals in travel & tourism industry. With a trained and committed team of enthusiastic young professionals

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With a constant and huge increase in demands of customers, Al Aasia Musa Tourism has been working hard by leading the entire Pakistan Travel Industry for the last few years.

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Al Aasia Musa Tourism has become a strongly and truly committed travel agency in Lahore, Pakistan. We are famous in travel planning and management for the people that have a dream to fly to their favorite destinations once or frequently in their lives. 

All places and activates are carefully picked by us
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Do you want to get some specially planned travel deals that look just for you? Sure, you can come to us for a tea and get a recreational, but fully affordable travel deal that will make your all traveling dreams true. Get this chance and come to fly to the world with us with pride.

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